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Banner Widget Plugin for nopCommerce

The banner widget plugin for nopCommerce can be used to display a banner inside any zone of your nopCommerce installation.

You can select between the normal image mode to display a single image or the html content mode to display any HTML content.

Since v2.10 for nopCommerce 4.10: Localization for the banner content in HTML mode New in v2.10

€12.00 incl tax

IIS Webspace

Microsoft Internet Information Server Webspace packet with MS .Net 4 and MS .Net 4.5 with SQL Server database
From €8.50 incl tax

LAMP Webspace

Webspace on the high end servers of MasterSoft for your professional web pages.
From €6.50 incl tax

Resource Time Planner (RTP) licenses

Software for the planning, reporting, controlling and timing of your company resources
From €79.00 incl tax
New nopCommerce Plugins -Wednesday, March 13, 2019
New nopCommerce Plugis released for nopCommerce 4.00 and 4.10 available within our e-commerce system.
Free Downloads @ -Sunday, May 15, 2016
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Our free software products are now available within our e-commerce sytem.
Partnership with nopCommerce -Tuesday, January 12, 2016

MasterSoft is solution partners of nopcommerce.