Fake customer logger nopCommerce Plugin

Identify and delete suspicious customers from your nopCommerce e-commerce system.

Search for customers with invalid company names, phone numbers or mail addresses and deactivate or delete these fake accounts.

€93.60 incl tax

This nopCommerce Plugin extends your nopCommerce installation with a list of suspicious customers.

Configure your own filters based on your requirements and needs, and select the customers you want to deactivate or delete from your system. Or just notify them using any HTML or JavaScript content.

Installation and usage:

After ordering this product within our e-commerce system you will have access to the .ZIP compressed archive containing the nopCommerce Plugin.

Uncompress this archive into the /Plugins directory of your nopCommerce installation.

Now open the nopCommerce backend within the browser of your choice and select Configuration --> Plugins --> Local Plugins to show the list of all installed Plugins.

Click on the button with the title "Reload list of plugins".

Scroll down the list until you can see the plugin with the title "Fake customer logger plugin" (System name "Widgets.FakeCustomersLogger").

Click on the button with the title "Install" and the plugin will be installed within your nopCommerce system.

If the Plugin was installed successfully you will see the entry like shown in the picture below

Plugin successfully installed

Now you are ready to configured the plugin.

You just need to follow the instructions on the configuration page of the plugin. „Administration > Configuration > Widgets > Configure“

Follow the instructions on this page

  1. Search suspicious cutomers to deactivate or delete using the search filters and handle them within the search results
  2. Enter the Warning text to display suspicious customers in the frontend.
  3. Activate or deactivate logging of suspicious customers
  4. Enable or disable the warning message
  5. Select the zones you would like the timeline to appear and save the settings

Configure Plugin

Use this configuration page to configure the IP- address lookup link to be used within the list of suspicious customers. The {0} is the current IP address used in the link. In the default mode RIPE is used for the lookup of IP addresses.

If the plugin was installed successfully, you will see a new entry with title "Suspicious customers" in the Plugins section of the main menu.

Search for suspicious customers

Use the filters on this page to search for potential fake customers. You can also add additional filters for company names, phone numbers or mail addresses to find additional customers with unusal data.

Use the "Export" button on this page to export the list of customers to XML or Excel.

Toggle the active and deleted states with the "Toggle" button on this page. This way you can get rid of these customers. Please also be sure that these customers are really fake customers. Further check their data they entered before deleting or deactivating customers.

In the list of suspicious customers you can find the last customer IP with you link as confirued.

Main features of this Plugin:

  • Easy installation as standard nopCommerce Plugin
  • No need to code anything
  • Display warning messages to suspicious customers
  • Easy selection of any nopCommerce zone
  • Logging of suspicious customers
  • Customizable link for IP addresses
  • Fast toggle between activation and deleted state

System requirements:

nopCommerce v 4.10

Products specifications
Framework nopCommerce
License type Full version
Product type .zip Archive
Release year 2019
Supported version nopCommerce 4.10
Version v1.0
Product tags