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Banner Widget Plugin for nopCommerce

The banner widget plugin for nopCommerce can be used to display a banner inside any zone of your nopCommerce installation.

You can select between the normal image mode to display a single image or the html content mode to display any HTML content.

Since v2.10 for nopCommerce 4.10: Localization for the banner content in HTML mode New in v2.10

€12.00 incl tax

MC 10.000 starts

License for 10000 Starts of the Software MasterSoft Multi Converter 1.3 without commercials.

€5.00 incl tax

MC Fullversion

Full license for MasterSoft MultiConverter (MC) MasterSoft Multi Converter
€10.00 incl tax

Multi Converter (MC Download)

The freeware version of the MultiConverter Software with commercials.

New since 2017 Version 1.3.62

  • Allow adding of all file types in the batch conversion dialog
  • License- Setup
€0.00 incl tax

Multi Converter (MC) licenses

Convert Images, created animated gif files, batch conversion and file encryption software.
From €5.00 incl tax

MyLiveChat Widget nopCommerce Plugin

Free nopCommerce widget plugin to display the MyLiveChat inline widget inside of your nopCommerce installation.
€0.00 incl tax