Resource Time Planner (RTP)

Software for the planning, reporting, controlling and timing of your company resources
v1.1.17 - Demo 30 Startups
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The MasterSoft Resource Time Planner application „RTP“ is designed to help you to understand the project life cycle within your organisation. Visualize your projects, manage your resources like employees, machines or articles needed for the project development.

Download the Demo- Version and test our application. The demo license is limited to 30 application startups
Get it from CNET

With these license you can use the software in a restricted mode or unrestricted without any limitations.

The application visualizes your projects and tasks within Gantt- charts. The costs for the projects, sections and tasks will be alculated on the costs per hours for employees, the usage costs for machines or the costs for used articles. You will gain a deeper understanding of your projects, tasks and used resources.

Start with the planning of your projects with our software in the first step to see the capacities needed for the implementation and to get the first cost estamination. Avoid bottelnackks and idle times of resources in your organisation and optimize your business process by understanding, designing and controlling them.

Supporting shift schedules ass well as continuous working time tables.

Further information and direct support is also available within our Google+ Support Community or by direct contact on our  Google+ page.

These are the main features of the software:


  • Project planning/scheduling/cost calculation (with task scheduling) grouped by sections with task breaks in 3 different project states
  • Notes for tasks, projects and sections
  • Shift schedule
  • Holiday schedules
  • Maintenance schedules
  • Department management (assignment of employees to departments)
  • Assiignment of resources to projects, sections or tasks
  • Costs calculation for based on the resource asssignments
  • Logging of working times in order to compare the planned data with the real world
  • Capacity charts for departments grouped by working weeks or days
  • Management of Resources (holidays, illness absence, trainings)
  • Capacity overviews grouped by departments
  • Logging (Activities of users)
  • Permissions based on user groups
  • User massages
  • Overview of personal notes and tasks
  • Configuration of the displayed elements within the application
  • Hiding of elements
  • 6 different display themes
  • German and english user interface
  • Save and open .rtp files to share and exchange projects
  • Export project to Microsoft XPS files
  • Change the order of tasks within sections
  • XML export of complete projects



  1. Install Microsoft SQL Server (min. 2005)
  2. Install the software MasterSoft Resource Time Planner
  3. Start the application by selecting the start menu entry "All Programs > MasterSoft > MasterSoft RTP"
  4. Configure the database
  5. Test and use the demo version (Standard- user: Administrator / Standard-Password: RTPDefPwd)
  6. Buy and install the RTP license
  7. Plan, organize, optimize and control your projects, tasks and resources


The licenses sold for the application are per user licenses. This means that you will need a license for every user using the application.

Products specifications
Operating system Windows
Framework Microsoft .Net 4.0
License type Demo
Product type .msi Installer
Release year 2013
Supported version from WindowsXP
Version v1.1.17
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